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Check out our wide variety of premioum hand-made Belgian chocolates and other luscious baked items.

Stained glass effect Fabric art

Bring the beauty of ‘handcrafted’ into your home. Make a statement of your love of handmade.You will not be able to stop looking at these gorgeous pieces. When you walk by, you will be drawn to stop and look at its warm rich hues.
A very decorative art object which is also very functional.  A nice accent piece to go on any table, chest or dresser to make a statement.Makes a great gift also – lightweight and non-fragile for shipping or transporting.The options are endless.
Your imagination is the limit.
Child safe and child proof - unbreakable. Soft and easy to transport.
These one of a kind schulptures are made from fabric. 

Fabric sculptures

These original pieces of furniture are 1" scale.  They are made from exotic woods such as rosewood, ebony, maple, cherry, etc.  They are fully functional (i.e. drawers and doors actually open and close).


Designer bears

These are hand crafted original bears.  They are fully jointed and just waiting for new homes.
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